“professionalism, skills, integrity and pleasant personality all of which at the highest level”

Yehuda Levi, Sr. Director, SolarEdge Technologies

Ronit Talor, Adv.

Founder & Managing Partner

Adv. Ronit Talor is a Creative Legal & Business Executive and Entrepreneur with ample experience as legal counsel to public and private companies, both in UK and Israel.

Education & Qualifications:

Ronit holds LL.M degree from Cambridge University UK,  LL.B degree from University College London and  qualifications as an Arbitrator (commercial and IP), Mediator, Director to Public companies and as Ethics consultant and GDPR compliance consultant.  

Legal Counsel:

Ronit has been practicing law in Israel since 2006 providing strategic legal counsel to technology and media executives in the context of international commercial activities, intellectual property transactions, technology transfer, business ethics, sustainability, social responsibility, international joint ventures and collaborations.

Intellectual Property Strategist: 

Inspired to create a positive change, Adv. Ronit Talor drew upon her expert knowledge in business ethics and strategy to create a Legal Strategy Group specializing in legal and strategic services which support the building of powerful sustainable and trustworthy international partnerships to facilitate Technology Transfer and business exchange globally, and take part in implementing innovative and creative technologies to improve the quality of life in different counties and communities around the world.


Ronit is also the founder of ADWAH IMPACT Ltd- engaged in developing advanced risk management technologies and impact solutions.

Languages: English, Hebrew

Ronit Talor
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